Big Papa – fine grade pipe tobacco with a splash of cherry, a mellow and manly heavy hitter.

Sir Earl – A sophisticated manly scent . Bergamot and black tea . It’s sweet and powerful with a hint of spice just like todays bearded men.

Midnite Ride – This is our impromptu biker scent. This perfect blend of leather and cherry will take you to a place where the leather warm and the night air is cool burning down a backroad

Ape Hanger – a cedar leather blend, a favorite among bikers. A clean fresh scent that lasts and lasts even with your beard in the wind.

Poppa Deuce– born out of competition and named after our first ambassador, this scent is a champ. A fantastic medley of sandalwood, bourbon, and mistletoe. Guaranteed to draw that positive attention your beard deserves

Grape Ape– The perfect twist of grape sparkling water and grape big league chew like scent. This one is a heavy hitter

Porch Swing – The perfect blend of lime,rasberry and lemon to take you to a simpler time of chillin on the porch having a glass of lemonade watching cars go by.